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Biz1 Provides Everything You Need

For Successful Planning And Critical Decisions,

Fully Integrated In One Place,

Together For Your Benefit.

With Biz1 You Have your Own Board of Experts,

Fully Equipped To Handle All the Important Business, Tax,

Legal, Financial, and Property Issues You Face.


Looking For A Great Lender? Let us help you get the funds you want, without the costs and delays.

See if your current home loan can be beaten and by how much – Take 5 minutes to use our Home Loan Comparison Calculator to get your results

Are you living from Pay Day to Day? Credit Cards Personal Loans can’t get on top of the mortgage – what if we could get the credit cards and loans under control and paid off and get you back on track with money back in your pocket

Are you an investor with multiple assets, including property? Using the Biz 1 Portfolio Diagnostic Calculator we can maximise your wealth and show you how you can save in so many ways

Defaults and Ex Bankrupts – We have the loans and plans to get you back on track

Loans above 80% without Mortgage Insurance. Select Industry Professionals and approved applicants may qualify for borrowing above 80% of the property’s value without incurring lenders mortgage insurance costs

Short Term Finance – 1st and 2nd Mortgages. Get cash out fast with No Questions Asked! 7 day settlements. Judgements and Defaults OK.


Join the Co-Operative of Strength in our Property Syndications Business Nothing like it anywhere. Enjoy, Development Profit, Compound Capital Growth a Super Charged Property Investment – There is strength in numbers. Forget the Rest Biz 1 Syndications is the best – Let the numbers do the talking – Come to our Seminar and be inspired, we are compliant for SMSF.

Turn your property into your Retirement Nest Egg. Don’t sell it! Maximise the potential first. Come to our Seminar and be informed

Property Development Services - We believe that our customers deserve to be able to improve their wealth through Property Development without all of the hassles. Biz 1 provides a number of service options for both the novice and experienced developers with all of the professional elements under the one roof.


SMSF and Property Development - Partners? Biz1 Property Syndications has a unique investment product that provides for a supercharged investment opportunity for SMSF. This product is fully compliant and has been signed off by SMSF auditors.

Get into a SMSF NOW!!! Biz 1 SMSF expert accountants and auditors can have you set up in no time. Then you can consider the unique investment offerings available thru Biz 1 investments. Secure and compliant high yielding investments in property and mortgages.


You must have a will!!! – Don’t take the risk let Biz 1 legal get you sorted today.

Litigation, mediation, arbitration!!! it takes to resolve commercial disputes Biz 1 Legal has got you covered. Real value for money from a team of very experienced commercial lawyers who love to win the day for you.


Audits -Trust account audits. Settlement Agents, Real Estate Agents, Legal Practices, Accounting Practices, Strata Companies, Aged Care, SMSF. Any company or organisation that operates trust accounts in which client or customer funds are held in trust, must abide by certain rules and regulations. This includes having each account audited on an annual basis by a Registered Company Auditor. Biz 1 auditors have more than 30 years of experience in this important and complex work. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive and confidential auditing service to:

exciting news

Jobs at Biz 1 – hiring now!!! Exciting opportunity to join the Biz 1 co operative as a Business Referral Consultant. Simple, flexible and unlimited earning potential.

Property seminars now showing!!! Sick of the same property investment spruiking? Don’t get us wrong a lot of what is said is true but the same problems are all there and you carry the load alone. Join the co operative of strength in the Biz 1 Property Syndications Business. There is strength in numbers.

Business and Commercial loans refinanced on better rates and terms!!! Biz1 Finance specialists will provide a free, no obligation analysis and recommendations that will show the possibilities. Business overdrafts, lines of credit, debtor factoring, commercial property, equipment, machinery etc can be in the set and forget basket. We want to take it out and give it a big shake to see what savings and benefits that we can get for you.

Construction and development funding made easy. Because Biz 1 is a co operative of finance and property development specialists we know this form of finance like the back of our hand. Don’t take risks with amateurs it can be very costly.

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