About us


Peter A. Heenan Managing Director
Peter is the founder of Biz 1 and has extensive experience across a broad business spectrum. Peter has been employed, owned or managed businesses in Ship building, Property Development, Real Estate, Building & Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, Wealth Creation and Software Development.

Peter brings great knowledge and proven leadership skills to Biz 1 in a unique blend of old school business principles and new age vision.

Our Strategy


is all about helping our Customers to save money, create wealth, protect their assets & improve their quality of life with exceptional professional advice and best fit products.

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Alan Heenan

Alan has been involved in the Finance and Property industries for over 20 years. He has worked for Banks, Finance Companies, Wealth Creation Organizations and Property Development Businesses. In particular Alan has extensive knowledge in the home loan and commercial loan markets and is expert in loan structuring and strategies.
Alan understands the different needs that the Australian mortgage borrowers have and he prides himself on providing truly beneficial advice and guidance through the borrowing journey. Alan's philosophy is simple: he believes that real customer service and structured lending solutions favorable to the customer are paramount and often overlooked by other advisors. Alan and his team are dedicated to provide excellence in these two fundamental areas.

Biz 1 at a Glance


  • One stop shop.
  • Co operative of professional services operating as a strategic alliance.
  • Exceptional services.
  • Real value for money.
  • Seamless communication.

We call this the Co operative of Strength.


Graeme Efron
Efron & Associates

Graeme has been practicing Commercial Law for over 30 years for the most part as principle in his own practice. Graeme and his team of commercial law specialists have a broad range of proven experience and expertise that ensures a comprehensive legal service to our customers.

Our Aim


is to deliver our quality services to our Customers with integrity in a timely and seamless manner.

to exceed our Customers expectations and deliver excellent outcomes.



James Mavrokokki

Specialising in Individual/SME clientele, you can be assured James's knowledge in the field is second to none. Having worked in the finance/accounting industry's from a very young age, James has the ability to provide advice not only from a tax minimisation perspective but also from a financial and economic standpoint. Renown not only for his technical skills James is also recognised for his public speaking abilities and regularly conducts our tax minimisation, business development and investment property seminars. James and his team of experienced accountants and support staff are dedicated to ad value to the Biz1 client experience.

Our People


are dedicated to make the Customer experience the most rewarding possible and to always act in the best interests of the Customer.




Franics Gu

Francis has over 10 years experience in the accounting and finance industry and has advised high net wealth individuals, international investors, small/medium enterprises as well as publicly listed companies. In addition to his role at Biz 1, Francis is also the founder and Managing Partner of the TST Partners Group. Just like the Biz 1 model, the group consolidates accounting, tax, audit, corporate finance and legal services under one roof. Francis also acts as a Director of multiple property focused wholesale managed funds. Academically Francis holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne majoring in Finance and a member of the Institute of Public Accountants.

We Understand

that we are all Consumers who have suffered from poor advice, unscrupulous self interested operators, phone tag, he or she is at lunch, slack attitudes, on hold music and so on.

So we really UNDERSTAND that our Customers want and deserve better.


Peter A. Heenan

Peter’s first venture into Property Development was in 1983 with the acquisition and subdivision of a 250 hectare site in Kilmore, Victoria. Peter named the development Willowmavin which now has its own postcode 3764.
After more subdivisions Peter turned his focus to adding value to land which led him to undertake numerous medium density housing developments over the years both in his own business and as a partner and manager of several prominent building and development businesses.
Peter believes that our customers deserve to be able to improve their wealth through property development without all of the hassles. To this end Biz 1 Property Services provides a turnkey service and Joint Venture options for both the novice and experienced developers.

Key Planks

true Integrity where our Customers best interests are absolutely our starting and finishing points and all that’s in between.


the use of Intelligent Technology that provides all the stakeholders with the ability to view, track & exchange information with ease.


Customer Service

Rhonda Aksionov

Rhonda owned and operated a small business for 15 years and has worked extensively in the Retail Industry prior to joining Biz 1. Rhonda has amazing people skills and places great value on the customer experience.

The End Result

is a Customer who

  • Has confidence & trust in their professional advisors.
  • Saves valuable time & money.
  • Knows exactly what’s happening with their matter/s at any point in time.
  • Receives great outcomes.