Commercial Deeds & Agreements


What is a contract?

Put simply, a contract is a binding agreement which governs the relationship between two or more people or companies, setting out what they must and mustn't do.
Pretty much all of the commercial relationships and transactions we enter are regulated by a contract – whether it’s buying a house, car, business or the relationship between an employer and employee.

We have extensive experience in the drafting of a range of Contracts that are enforceable by our courts.Contracts are drafted to reflect the unique commercial circumstances of the parties negotiating the agreement. The Lawyer drafting the contract will take into account their client's concerns, commercial risks and matters agreed during negotiations.

So if you are

  • arranging a private loan facility.
  • buying or selling a business.
  • leasing a business premises.
  • entering into a joint venture.
  • requiring an employment or services contract.

We will

provide the appropriate level of advice and draft the following:

  • loan agreements.
  • heads of agreement.
  • joint venture agreement.
  • partnership agreement.
  • scheme of Arrangement.
  • share sale/transfer agreement.
  • shareholder agreement.
  • non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

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