Property Development    


At Biz 1 we believe that our customers deserve to be able to improve their wealth through Property Development without all of the hassles. To this end Biz 1 provides a number of service options for both the novice and experienced developers with all of the professional elements under the one roof.
One point of call and a dedicated Business Coordinator to deliver the timely and seamless service our Company demands and our Customers require.  
We provide the total package approach or Turnkey Package with the project specific Individual Services selected.
Or, we can provide any one or more of the services that you require. We also may undertake a Joint Venture subject to approval.

Turn your property into a retirement nest egg
Bigger Project - Bigger Rewards
Property Syndications

   Select Project Type 

Dual Occupancy        Medium Density        High Rise        Land Subdivision        Commercial        Other

  Select Service Type

Turnkey        Individual Service        Joint Venture       

Project feasibility
Financial modelling
Legal structures & advice
Project accounting & advice
Architectural and Town planning
Engineering (Structural, mechanical, civil etc)
Building & construction
Project financing
Insurances (if required)
Quantity surveying
Project management
Body corporate
Property sales
Purchaser contracts of sale
Conveyancing - settlements
Property management

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