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Biz 1 Property Syndications & Development is a Business that joint ventures with our Investors to enhance both our financial positions. We are a Wealth Creation Cooperative. We are not Property Spruikers, we are Property Developers & Investors. We add value to land by turning old stock into new stock and renting for the medium to long term. We share the development profit and the capital growth with our Investors.

 Biz1 Professionals fully manage and report all aspects of the business activity to our Investors. Regular audits are conducted and reported to our Investors to ensure the rigid integrity of the business is maintained. Investors through their shareholding in the Syndicate have an ownership stake on the property title. Shares can be sold back into the Syndicate from time to time to get cash out. Investors can purchase more shares in the Syndicate when other shareholders put their shares up for sale.


Who are potential Investors?


  • Owner occupier home owners that can tap into existing equity.
  • People with cash to Invest.
  • People with an existing SMSF.(subject to the fund structure which Biz1 SMSF experts can advise & restructure if necessary).
  • People with existing retail or industry super fund. (Biz1 SMSF experts can advise & set up your SMSF that is fully compliant).
  • Family or friends that wish to form a syndicate to pool their funds to invest in the Biz1 Syndicate. ( Biz1 Legal & Accounting will put it all together for you).


Target Project Profile


  • Dual Occupancy & Small Unit Sites with a land component.
  • Strategic locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth.
  • Older homes on 600m2 plus blocks.
  • Build 2 units to suite the market (more units on larger sites).
  • Project completed and rented out in 12 months.

Dual Occupancy






  1. Register your interest in a Project/s. 
  2. We will send you a Development Report including the Investment & Development Deed (IDD).
  3. Complete the Investment application online and submit.
  4. We will process your application and confirm acceptance with the issuance of your member number.
  5. You can use your member number to logon to your Project Portal (PP).
  6. Biz 1 Legal will arrange for you to remit your funds into the Special Purpose Trust Account (SPTA) at the appropriate time.
  7. Biz 1 Legal will arrange for your funds to be remitted to the Syndicate Company (SC) and the issuance of your shares.
  8. Biz 1 Legal will arrange the investment by (SC) into the Development Company (DC) and the provision of security per (IDD).
  9. (DC) will contract with Biz 1 Property Development Services to undertake the entire development process.
  10. Biz 1 Accounting will attend to all of the Financial reporting requirements per the (IDD), including BAS, GST,  Monthly Project Financials &
    Development Progress Reports. These documents can be viewed by the Investor via the (PP).
  11. Biz 1 Property Management will attend to the renting & management of the units.
  12. Note: The strategy is to hold the Properties for the medium to long term so as to capitalise on compounding growth.
  13. Note: Investors can sell part or all of their shares back into the Syndicate anytime after an 18 month mandatory period.  


You can arrange an no obligation appointment to discuss further.    



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