Excellent Property Opportunities in Melbourne Make Good Investments


Though there are various ways to invest your money, with all of the opportunities for investment property in Melbourne, putting your money in real estate is an excellent idea. This is because of the fact that it’s easy to leverage; for example, you can use your mortgage and pay the down payment of $10,000 to buy a $50,000 home then sell it for $60,000 or manage to rent it out for a period of 12 months for $5,000. At the end, you’ve managed to profit from the deal.


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With all of the great property selections in areas like North Melbourne and Brunswick, investing in Melbourne real estate with the help of firms like Biz 1 should be easy to do. There are several options that you can choose for your investment. First, you can just buy a house and lot and have it rented out. This is the simplest option available, though not the easiest. As the landlord, you’re responsible for paying the mortgage, the property taxes, as well as the maintenance of the property. Of course, you can price the rent so it covers all of these; however it can be a while before your property shows a profit. Usually, this will only happen when the mortgage is paid, since the part of the rent dedicated to mortgage payments now goes into your pocket. Going this route may sound simple, but maintaining a property can be hard work, along with handling tenants.


Second, a more complicated option is to join real estate investment groups. This is like mutual fund that handles rental properties and developments. All you have to do is invest your money and the group’s management team will handle the heavy lifting for you. They’ll buy lots, develop properties, and sell them or rent them out. Your earnings will depend on how many shares you’ve purchased, which equates to how many units you can earn from. You can add more or even sell out your shares. There’s the matter of fees and regulations, so do your research before investing.


Third, you can go the risk path and invest in real estate trading. Just like stocks, you buy properties and hope that they appreciate then sell them off at a higher price. This process is called flipping and focuses on properties that are undervalued or are located in a hot market with rapidly increasing prices. It’s risky, though, because if the buyer can’t unload the property, they may end up losing money.


With these options available, investing in real estate should be an attractive option for many. Think about this approach when you’re thinking of growing your money.


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