Fast Funding: Get a Good Deal with Help from a Skilled Mortgage Broker


When you’re looking to buy yourself a house, one of your main obstacles is to get the money to pay for it. Most homes nowadays can cost your several years of savings. If you want that property now, your best choice is to take a mortgage; you’re essentially paying for the house with the lender’s money, which you’ll be paying back with interest until you fully own the property. However, with the dizzying amount of mortgage packages out in the market, it can be confusing which one to choose. This is where an experienced mortgage broker comes in.


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Dependable mortgage brokers in Melbourne like Biz 1 can save you a lot of money by guiding you to the loan that’s right for you. Brokers maintain good relationships with various lending institutions, which gives them access to a wide range of loan choices—a selection that is passed on to you, their client. Furthermore, instead of going to various banks yourself, having a broker makes the selection easier and can make your approval easier, too; stricter mortgage laws introduced in recent years have made people jump through hoops for approval. With a broker by your side, things are a lot easier. The challenge is finding the right one.


First, you’ll have to determine how many loans a mortgage broker can let you pick from. A broker with a wide network of lenders will usually have a loan package that should meet your needs. This also means they have experience with these lenders; a broker would then be able to give you pointers or tips on which to select. For example, this lender may have preferential rates for first-time buyers. Additionally, broker-only deals may be available to the broker’s clients, something that you should be able to take advantage of.


Second, the next thing you have to consider is the reputation and background of the broker. The best way to determine this is to listen to the word-of-mouth. If friends and family swear by the broker’s expertise, then you’ve probably found yourself a winner. Furthermore, Australian mortgage brokers need licenses and certification before they can operate. Make sure that they are properly recognised as professional brokers before doing business with them to protect your interests.


Finally, you’ll have to assess how much the broker will cost you. A lot of brokers do their service free and are paid a commission by the lender when a deal pushes through. For those who do ask for payment, it’s usually upfront or after the contract is signed. Determine whether they charge a flat fee or a percentage of the deal to find out how much your broker gets and whether they’re worth it.


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