Portfolio Solutions. 



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Our Clients are Investors who have a Portfolio of Properties and other Financial Elements (The Package)

They ask the question - CAN I DO BETTER?   

  • can I save on repayments & fees
  • can I reduce my monthly outgoings
  • can I reduce debt faster
  • can I release cash when I need to
  • can I reduce tax
  • can I increase profit
  • can I reduce risk
  • can I maximise potential
  • can I be better structured
  • can I save time and be less stressed
  • can my Package be better managed
  • can I end up with a much, much better Package

 The answer is - ABSOLUTELY - YES !!!!

Our aim

  • to provide you with a Profoundly Better Outcome in so many ways.
  • to provide you with a Portfolio Analysis & Recommendations Report.
  • to implement the Reports strategies and Monitor the Package ongoing.

 What do we do?  

 Phase 1  

 We take a holistic approach and gather all relevant information.

  • We use all of the Biz1 resources to input into our assessment.
  • We use the Biz 1 Portfolio Master Calculator to run a diagnostic on your Package.
  • We produce a number of analytical outcomes.
  • We prepare a Portfolio Report of solutions and recommendations.
  • We present the Report to you and seek your approval to implement.

 Phase 2  

 We implement those components of the report that you approve.

  • We conduct an annual review and further look at ways to improve the Package ongoing.
  • We provide an ongoing Consultancy for you to discuss future investments opportunities & strategies.
  • We provide ongoing advice from the Biz 1 Co operative of specialist professional services.


This is an EXCITING opportunity to maximise your wealth with peace of mind utilising the Biz 1 Co operative strength.  

 If you are interested in talking to us then complete below, submit and we will call to discuss.  


Your Email has been successfully submitted