Residential Home Loans


There is no shortage of Lenders with products and features that form the Australian Mortgage Market. There are the Banks,
Building Societies, Credit Co ops, Non Conforming Lenders, Private Lenders and others all vying for your business and of
course each will tell you that their offering is the best for you. Then throw in  the multitude of Mortgage Brokers steering
you into the products that they believe is right for you and you are now part of the complex and confused jigsaw puzzle
that is the humble Home Loan.

At Biz 1 we have over 30 years of experience in this market. Experience and understanding gained from time spent in
Banking, Mortgage Broking, Business, Property Development and as general consumers of finance products. SO WE ASK 

  • How many borrowers end up with the BEST Home Loan and structure that is right for their particular needs and circumstances both now and in the future?
  • How many borrowers are refinanced into a new loan that ends up costing them thousands of dollars in changeover costs and lost loan equity?
  • How many borrowers are steered into a particular product because it is more profitable for the Lender or Broker?
  • How many Lenders or Brokers come back to you in a year or two and do a review and say hey the rate you are on is to high and we are going to arrange a reduction or:
    the loan product you are in doesn't really satisfy your current needs and its to costly anyway so we recommend this one and the benefits are?


So are we at Biz 1 just another Broker that has access to a large range of Lenders and Products that says "we will save you"? NO.

Biz 1 is nothing of the sort. We are a FORENSIC and STRATEGIC fully licensed Finance Broker with INTEGRITY. Our Customers best interests are our starting & finishing points.

  • Whether you are purchasing a property to live in, as an investment or simply looking for a better deal then please TALK to US FIRST.
  • If you are considering refinancing to a new lender because of poor service or you want a better rate then please TALK to US FIRST.
  • If you have been declined by a Lender - its not the end of it. Please TALK to US.
  • If you have credit defaults, don't despair in many instances you can get a loan. TALK to Us about it. Non Conforming Loans 
  • If you are self employed and need help in preparing for your home loan application. TALK to US about it.

We will

  • Meet with you to discuss your needs and circumstances.
  • Provide advice and guidance that satisfies your requirements.
  • Recommend the right loan with the right structure to meet your needs.
  • Arrange everything from the Loan application to settlement for you.
  • Conduct annual reviews to ensure you are getting the best from your loan.

Biz 1 Finance
has expertise in sourcing "traditional" financing products and those that suit the more complex or difficult situations including: 

  • Loans that require full debt reduction capabilities
  • Interest Only or Principal & Interest Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Combination Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Lines of Credit
  • Land & Construction Loans
  • Loans that involve purchases up to 95% of the property value
  • Loans where 5% savings is not able to be evidenced
  • Loans where income verification is difficult to provide
  • Loans where Bad Repayment History or Serious loan defaults occur.