Your Retirement Nest Egg





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Turn your Property into your Retirement Nest Egg.

Don't sell - MAXIMISE the potential first  

With the Biz 1 Property Development Turnkey Package you can become a Property Developer over night without any experience
or expertise at all OR you may wish to Joint Venture with us. That’s what we bring to the table. 

You may be able to achieve a dual occupancy on your block or even more units depending on the land size and council regulations.



 Options to consider:  

  • Land size normally needs to be a minimum of 600m2.
  • Land size for Multi units – 3 to 6 units for example from 900m2 to 1800m2.
  • Residential building rates about $1200m2 depending on fit out. 

Keep existing dwelling & renovate and;  

  • Obtain a 2 lot plan of subdivision with planning permit & sell the rear lot.
  • Build a unit or townhouse on the rear lot & sell or rent. 

Demolish existing dwelling and;  

  • Obtain a 2 lot plan of subdivision with planning permit & sell the lots.
  • Build two units or townhouses & sell one or both or rent.
  • The units could be side by side single or double storey or front and back configuration. 

Develop yourself or partner with Biz1.  

Time frame is normally;  

  • 4 months to obtain a planning permit
  • 6 months to arrange the builder & complete construction.
  • 2 months to settle the sale/s or lease out.
  • Total of 12 months project duration. 

We will  

  • Meet with you to discuss the site potential and your needs and circumstances.
  • Provide advice and guidance that satisfies your requirements.
  • Conduct a feasibility analysis and funding strategy – quoted on a project by project basis.
  • Identify all of the elements necessary to complete the project.
  • Arrange everything from the concept to the finished project. 

We have all of the professional elements needed under one roof to undertake and complete a successful project.  

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