Property & Conveyance


The purchase or sale of a property (residential or commercial) is a very important transaction and requires the services of an experienced team of Property Lawyers and Conveyancers
Conveyancing refers to the legal and administrative work involved in transferring the title of ownership from one person or legal entity to another. Whether you are buying or selling, we take care of the process and ensure you understand each step.
Buying, Selling, Investing, Subdividing or Transferring a title -  you will need an experienced Property Lawyer & Conveyancer. The Lawyer will ensure that the Contracts are favourable to you and have the appropriate special conditions and other legal considerations that protect you.


The Conveyancer works with the Lawyer, Client, Statutory Authorities and the other side to provide the administrative input and management of the transaction through to settlement. This combination ensures that you receive the best advice and service at a competitive price.

Our Lawyers and Conveyancers have over 25 years experience in commercial and residential property advice.

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