Dual Occupancy Loans

Dual Occupancy is a specialised area of Property Development that involves construction and therefore requires people who are Finance Specialists in this area. 

At Biz 1 we like to talk to you and understand your needs, strategy and circumstances.

When arranging your finance we involve our Property Development people to provide expert advice on the Development proposal so as to present you with the best possible Finance Package.

We source the Lender and Product that best fits your needs and circumstances.  We have relationships with many of the major Lenders both Institutional and Private that enables us to provide competitive workable solutions to:

  • Companies 
  • Individuals 
  • People with poor credit 
  • People unable to verify income 

We will

  • Meet or talk with you to discuss your needs and circumstances.
  • Provide advice and guidance that satisfies your requirements.
  • Source and recommend the right loan with the right structure to meet your needs.
  • Arrange everything from the Loan application to settlement for you.

Biz 1 Property Development
can provide a Turnkey Dual Occupancy Solution and can do a Joint Venture in many cases.