Tax Advice & Returns



Business & High Net Wealth Individuals Tax

Biz1 Accounting specialises in assisting businesses and high net wealth individuals comply with their tax reporting obligations. In today’s increasingly complex and ever changing environment, we work closelywith our clients to constantly monitor and review business and investment structures aimed at achievingtax minimisation. We also monitor transactions with a view towards identifying improvements which canpotentially minimise tax exposure within the confines of the relevant laws. TST Partners can also take ona business’ ongoing reporting obligations including preparation and lodgement of Business ActivityStatements (BAS) and other interim reporting obligations required by the ATO. Our aim is to ensure that the tax compliance and planning process is practical, easy to understand and achieves the best outcome for every client.


Personal Tax

Biz1 Accounting thrives by making our client’s personal tax compliance as easy and as straightforward as possible. We have a wealth of knowledge in issues relevant to a variety of occupations, as well as to those who are self-employed. We explain tax to our clients in layman’s language and aim to legally minimise their tax exposure. We keep our clients informed at every stage of the process and upon completion, provide individual advice on ways to improve our clients’ tax position for the future.


Tax & Accounting

We specialise in providing professional tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses.

We have a dedicated team of accountants and tax advisers whose philosophy is to work with you and your business to ensure your compliance matters are handled efficiently, accurately and on time.

Our Tax & Accounting services include:

  • Preparation & Lodgement of Salary & Wage Tax returns including rental properties
  • Preparation & Lodgement of Partnership, Company, Trust & Super Fund Tax Returns
  • Preparation & Lodgement of BAS & IAS
  • Self Managed Super Fund compliance
  • Tax planning


The Value of What We Do

  • You will understand your financial & tax position. This information is essential to you and your business so you can assess your current situation, and plan for the future.
  • We will inform you if there are any potential problems. We will contact you directly if we identify any issues that need to be addressed. Further, our advisers are here to help you work through any issues.
  • You can use the information for Financing or insurance purposes. Most lenders and insurers require accurate, up to date financial information to ensure you get the finance & protection you need.
  • We will assist you with minimising your Tax. We will assist you to legitimately organise your tax affairs to help reduce the amount of tax you pay.
  • Your tax work will be completed correctly - avoid issues with the ATO!. Tax legislation is complex and constantly changing. We are regularly updating our knowledge to ensure your tax work meets ATO requirements. This will help you avoid issues with the ATO, and can also save you from paying too much tax.
  • Your Tax work will be completed on time. We understand that you are busy and that you need your tax affairs managed efficiently and effectively. Once all your information is received, we will complete your work in a timely manner.